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Winia Airwasher | AWA-909RDS **CLEARANCE**


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The Winia Airwasher is not a conventional air humidifier or purifier. It is an "air purifying evaporation humidifier" which uses water to wash and humidify the air. The Airwasher by Winia, an air specialist, generates clean and moist air washed by water to constantly maintain a healthy humidity level of between 40-60% and provide naturally fresh air throughout the home. Using water, the most natural of cleaning agents, the Airwasher not only removes dust and allergens, but also eliminates other harmful agents and gases to help keep your home healthy and happy. Furthermore, to inhibit the growth of germs and other contaminants that may collect in the water reservoir, Winia's patented BSS (Bio Silver Stone) filter eradicates such germs by 99.99% to provide clean healthy use without requiring frequent cleaning (once a week). The Winia Airwasher is the perfect gift for pet owners, asthma sufferers and just about anyone that is interested in healthier living! Cleanse your home today and feel the Winia Airwasher difference!