The perfect way to make perfect kimchi



The Difference Is Dimchae

Dimchae combines 25 years of fermentation science research along with innovative technology to create the best kimchi refrigerators in the world.  

Uniform Cooling

Dimchae's unique cooling technology simulates the all-around cooling environment of traditional underground kimchi fermentation

Smart Fermentation Modes

Custom cooling and humidity controls maintain the optimal environment for kimchi fermentation while removing fermentation odors from storage rooms

One Touch Smart Controls

Easy controls for overnight fermentation, long term kimchi storage and storage of other foods. Individual controls for each compartment.

Independent Cooling Rooms

Dimchae models have up to 3 independent cooling rooms for fermentation as well as storage of different type foods

Beautiful Designs

Dimchae products are built with design in mind. The look of Dimchae Kimchi Refrigerators will complement any sophisticated home.

Choose Your Size

Dimchae Standing refrigerators come with up to 418 Liters of capacity. Dimchae Chest refrigerators have capacities up to 220 Liters. Choose a Dimchae to fit your home