Taste The Difference

Our professional grade pressure rice cookers will give you the same quality rice found in fine dining establishments but in your own home. You'll taste the difference.


Exclusive Nano-Alpha Inductive Heating

Perfectly cooked rice is easy because of our nano-alpha heating inductive technology. Other rice cookers use spaced bands to transfer heat to the cook pot. Dimchae pressure rice cookers transfer heat evenly across the entire cooking surface area.  

4-Point Pressure Barrier

Our 4 point pressure barrier allows you to cook at up to 2 atmospheres (28psi) of pressure. For faster and more thorough cooking.

Diamond Wave Stainless Steel

Stainless steel inner pot with non-stick diamond coating transfers heat evenly while making this pot durable and easy to clean.

1-Touch Cooking

Our pressure rice cookers come with up to 16 pre-sets for 1-touch cooking of sticky rice, sushi rice, brown rice and many many more. Getting the rice you want is 1-touch simple.

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