6 Cup Pressure IH Rice Cooker



Product Details

☑ 6 Cup Premium Pressure Cooker

☑ Automatic Cook Settings for multiple rice and food types

☑ Exclusive Nano Alpha Induction heating technology provides the best rice taste by keeping the original shape of grain of rice and higher water content

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Customer Reviews

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We were looking for a rice cooker that would better cook for medium grain brown rice, which we eat every meal. We have used Cuchen and Cuckoo in the past - satisfied with both but it was not easy to find replacement gaskets in US. Dimchae seemed offering better availability for after service replacement parts within US.

Taste wise, Dimchae made softer rice with more savory taste than the other two. It's good when you freshly made the rice but not as good if you keep the rice too long warming up. However, Dimchae offers option to adjust temperature - ended up lowering 2 degree from default temperature and overall warmed up rice quality was better(not too soft).

We are also enjoying 'Unpolished Brown Rice' and 'Roasted Eggs' cooking options that other brand's old models didn't have(pretty sure they offer similar functions now as well).

Overall well satisfied.

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