10 Cup IH Pressure Rice Cooker

Manhattan Silver


Product Details

☑ 10 Cup Premium Pressure Rice Cooker

☑ One Button Automatic Cooking for multiple rice and food types

☑ Touch Capable Hidden LED 

☑ Smart Select Dial

☑ Wave Diamond Cast Iron Cook Pot

☑ Exclusive Nano Alpha Induction Heating technology provides the best rice taste by keeping the original shape of grain of rice and higher water content


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Wow, did not think rice can taste so good plain…..my $300 rice cooker took an early retirement after receiving my Dimchae!!


I've Contacted your company regards to dimche rice cooker is not working g properly and you want my feedback? This is most shitty company service I have ever had in my life.

Hello E.C

We replied to the support enquiry you sent on August 8th on August 8th ; at 2:41 PM EST. Please check your email as we did not hear back from you until receiving this very feedback.

We are sorry that you feel this aggrieved at what appeared to you to be a lack of response to your original mail. We value all our Dimchae customers and pride ourselves on our attention to service.

We've emailed you a screen shot of our original response to your original mail of Aug 8th. Please check your email and let us know what we can do to help.

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Dimchae Support


This rice cooker design is wonderful. It has a lot of functions. It is not just a rice cooker but multicooker. I can make many recipes. I love the taste of the rice! I think Induction pressure cooking makes this great taste.


After a week of researching rice cookers/pressure cookers I ended up purchasing from Dimchae. So far I am not disappointed, I needed to replace my old rice cooker after it stopped working and this cooks rice and so much more! I am still learning how to use the pressure cooker aspect of this product, but after cooking many different types of rice and quinoa the flavor of the rice is completely a step up from my old rice cooker. The product itself is quite big, depending on on how often I use it stays on the counter other times I will put it away. I do appreciate that it talks to you, it as eco setting where it turns off. I do love my Dimchae!