10 Cup IH Pressure Rice Cooker

Manhattan Silver


Product Details

☑ 10 Cup Premium Pressure Rice Cooker

☑ One Button Automatic Cooking for multiple rice and food types

☑ Touch Capable Hidden LED 

☑ Smart Select Dial

☑ Wave Diamond Cast Iron Cook Pot

☑ Exclusive Nano Alpha Induction Heating technology provides the best rice taste by keeping the original shape of grain of rice and higher water content


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

This rice cooker design is wonderful. It has a lot of functions. It is not just a rice cooker but multicooker. I can make many recipes. I love the taste of the rice! I think Induction pressure cooking makes this great taste.


After a week of researching rice cookers/pressure cookers I ended up purchasing from Dimchae. So far I am not disappointed, I needed to replace my old rice cooker after it stopped working and this cooks rice and so much more! I am still learning how to use the pressure cooker aspect of this product, but after cooking many different types of rice and quinoa the flavor of the rice is completely a step up from my old rice cooker. The product itself is quite big, depending on on how often I use it stays on the counter other times I will put it away. I do appreciate that it talks to you, it as eco setting where it turns off. I do love my Dimchae!